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 If you will try searching for Deep Web description using a regular browser the results would be practically the same. This is an anonymous network mostly comprised of different sites where you can get illegal stuff and adult content. But this is only a stereotype because Darknet could be used for different reasons.

 If we leave criminals alone Deep Web will become a place where you would able to find any information on politics, scientific researches, government projects and other interesting data. One of the main reasons why users enter free internet is Tor Wiki or Hidden Wikipedia. In White Internet you will not be able to find interesting articles which are placed on Deep Web.


Why Tor Wiki is so interesting?

 Hidden Wikipedia is a network of .onion links which will lead to sites with different content. Of course there are sites with illegal goods and forbidden adult content. But there are also some online forum and resources which you will be interested in.

 Anyone can edit such articles and that is why you can’t count on accuracy. But we are talking about Deep Web where information could be either valid or invalid. Everyone enters Tor-Wiki and other Darknet links at their own risk. So you should think about security.


How can I protect myself?

 First of all one should get a decent VPN software – get programs for PC and your phone. This soft will change your IP address so you can’t be tracked. While browsing do not use full screen mode for browser so you it would be harder for hackers to locate your hardware.

 Get a decent antivirus and always keep it on. Do not forget to scan your system for viruses. Never download suspicious files and avoid opening any exe files, downloaded from Darknet until you are absolutely sure that they are safe. Wiki Tor is constantly changing and anyone can edit links, add new content and do whatever they want.


How can I enter Hidden Wiki and other onion links?

For entering Darknet domains you will need a Tor Browser. Download it from official site and simply install like normal software. Follow all the needed steps and put a mark if this browser is forbidden in your country. Using this browser is not illegal and it is completely safe to browse until you enter fishing sites and download dangerous software.

 Using this program is simple – just choose an .onion link and try entering it. You will be in luck if it will still work. Use Tor Wiki for more sites!